3D Printing and stuff

Additive Manufacturing or better, addictive.

I wish 3D printing existed while I was studying, it could have changed everything in my life.

I’m using an Anet A8, it’s real cheaper Cartesian one with wooden structure and parts ready to be upgraded.

I found this Ikea Lack Enclosure V2 and now I’m printing all the 15 pieces necessary for creating THE BOX, I already stacked 2 of them with anti-vibration pad in between and now I’m printing what’s missing for this project.

I would like to attach a picture of it right now but the whole area is a mess… my house lack of space, then using lack for creating some is almost funny…

As my printer also lack safety features, enclosing it in a box will help in:

  • printing ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene AKA Lego pieces material)
  • monitoring the printing process (couple of remote cam maybe)
  • avoiding fire (I’ll cover the whole box with fire-protection paint)

13 hours passed for the first 2 pieces, now I’ll wait 20 hours for the next 2, as soon as I finish I’ll calculate exactly how much time I spent on this… 3D printing is about being patient, and I am.

I would really like to print-and-build my own Delta 3D printer… let’s see what happen and try not to push on this.

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