3D Printing and stuff

Additive Manufacturing or better, addictive.

I wish 3D printing existed while I was studying, it could have changed everything in my life.

I’m using an Anet A8, it’s real cheaper Cartesian one with wooden structure and parts ready to be upgraded.

Here we go again

On December 2015 I promised to myself to not quit my next job in less than 3 years.

Guess what? It’s 2 years and a half and I’m really, really close to the end.

As time goes by I realize that my worst mistake was to stop being a fulltime freelancer.


How funny it is to wake up with an headache? How much it’s fun if it happens when you can spend all the whole day doing absolutely nothing?

I get back to prototypes.

A company I use to work with ask me to re-engineer an instrument we made 3 years ago, an instrument that has being used continuously at least 5 times a day for more than 900 days.

Now they want the 2.0 version.

Screw up

Speaking of the last project I wrote here on April. I messed it up.

Not the project itself but my contact. I should be ashamed of it, and I am.

I didn’t kept the promise about the multitasking thing and after that personal failure I tried to rebuild my self-esteem working on another cute project.

Things are working right now, I still use multitask but I’m working it out slowly.

Stop Multitasking

I’m addicted to Multitasking.

I really believed that I could do more than one thing at a time without losses.

The truth is that every single time that I try seriously to multitask I screw up a little bit more.

That’s why I said that’s enough. I’ll not multitask anymore.

It happened

I’m happy. Seriously.

This “back to Jekyll” thing is going forward as expected.

I’m not yet ready for the Projects area, it’s a hard time at work.

Saturday afternoon

I moved to a new place on January 4th, a cozy place surrounded by houses not too far from Milan.

While I’m sitting here on my sofa staring at the garden, Lady Macbeth, my Bull Terrier, is fallen asleep and started snoring since a couple of minutes.

Lucky me.

Back to the root

Guess what. I’m back to Jekyll.

Do you remember the guys I mentioned in my “A new era” post? I still work for them.

Finally I found a company that allow us to unleash our creativity and don’t push us in using ancient technologies.

ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Redis, Cassandra, all the funniest things I studied at home instead of sleeping are now part of my daily routines.

That’s why I decided to get me back on Jekyll, write my own template and have a lot of fun with Ruby.

Moving to React

Here we go again.

I’m moving all of this from Angular 1 to ReactJS.

I know, I know, but I have to make tests, I have to learn new things in a daily basis, I’m getting older and I want to be sure that my brain still works as I expect.

Even more social

I’m playing Hide and Seek with the elements, it’s funny.

I’m also moving some pieces of code on Codepen so you can easily access them and take a look.

It’s like dismantling a puzzle, you don’t know where to start, there are too many pieces that deserve attention.

Mobile first!

Responsiveness they said;

Mobile First they said;

And not a single fuck was given that day.

Again, minor changes to the layout, more fruibility on mobile and I decided not to show my face on the first page, I mean, seriously, who cares?

A new Era

I quit my job.

In real, I quit my company.

In January I’ll start to work for a couple of guys that I appreciate a lot, those guys with a bunch of ideas a pouch of courage and a life-project in the hands.

Garbage collecting

Spare time? Forgot it!

I’ve just moved all the things around, added some logic, added the deferred data loading and so on.

Upcoming Ideas

I’m working on a new Idea, a new project, the Nth.

This time I decided to start with the documentation, so I’m writing.

Soon I’ll update the projects page

Internal debate

Arguing with myself on the topic: “releasing proprietary software demos”.

I added to my projects some new kids but I can’t actually put the link to the working website so I’m seriously thinking about rework big part of them.

I did think about putting some screenshots of them, but I believe that seeing the responsiveness with our own eyes is much better.

Ready to go

Another weekend is here, I do not have more spare time to spend on this website, I think this is maybe the fourth time that I change the technology behind this.

Last time it was written for Github Pages and Jekyll, this time is written in AngularJS.

Now I’m writing a simple RESTful service for managing the content, I hope to end it up soon, “too many ideas, too little time”


I started working on this website, again, rewriting everything up and changing a lot of things so older posts will be maintained but all the links are gone and the about me page was reintroduced.


Just added a simple cache system based on PHP mtime for my last tweet and for my instagram feed. The cache will be regenerated every 24 hours.

In my spare time I’ll improve this system being “notified” by Twitter and Instagram with a push notification. Indeed I don’t think this is kinda useful but, you know, the boredom of afternoon duty could be relieved by doing something pointless but fun.

Another renewal

Well, as used to say: here we go again.

August is my month, I was born on the 31st in the far 1983, so I decided to renew everything.

In real, everyone are on vacancy, customers, friends and in between some projects I invested some time in this renewal process.

What’s changed? I removed the “about me” page, too pointless, sincerely I don’t think people are interested on “who I am”, as a Developer, I think that they should be interested on “what I’ve done”, “what I do” and “what I’ll do”.

That’s all.

Going OpenSource

As you can see on my projects page a new kid is born. Datei.

When I’ll finish to remove all the references of my virtual machine environment I’ll publish the whole idea on GitHub.

Four months later

Everything changes. Also the layout. I’m wondering why I can’t get the same layout for at least one year.

Big news: I quit.

I was no more able to listen to people so blind to not see and understand their own errors.

I do auto critic. I practice a lot.

A workplace is not a place for whining. People who overestimate themselves deserve to be left alone with their own mirrors with the hope that one day they will face the reality, also people who underestimate themselves should not work with the first mentioned ones but try to grow up and leaving the nest.

Back in topic: Projects pages are near; therefore I lost against the all-in-one page layout.

Unleash the dogs

Famous last words: “more than one update per day” and now?

Projects use to get priority against funny things… such a shame… BUT, here we are ! Things are going on as expected and soon I will be proud to publish more information about my work-in-progress projects and, why not? I will build a single page for each one of them, emphasizing what matters.

I’m focusing on what really matter now, because I understood how much time I was wasting on pointless things or meaningless people.

More than one

More than one update per day… this start to seems like a job.

In real, I’m taking advantage of the holidays for make a serious work plan and cleaning out my desk. This post will inaugurate the blog’s paginator.

Ok, now it’s time to get back to serious things… Where’s my coffee?

Happy new Update

The first update of the year sees my projects page (reachable by my bio) updated with just few elements inside.

I’m trying to keep this website in a single-page layout and, at the moment, I have not intention to add more than one page per argument. But, I know, there’s a page that probably will become unstable… my comments page… Is not yet linked officially and probably will be not.

I love to leave some features reserved only to people who cares and read.

Instead of sleeping

Sleep is overrated. All the best realizations came at night.

Alone in my room while listening to some good music some ideas did knocked at my head. As usual, when ideas come, you can’t back out… stay tuned.

One update per day

The renewal process of a personal website is always something interesting to analyze.

It’s like a day-by-day automatic deployment system that produces tons of lines of codes, images, and also words. Words for the pages, for the bio, for the blog. Yeah, the blog.

I’ll never become a real blogger, I’m too lazy to write something different every day, or even worse, always about the same argument.

We we’ll see if Jekyll will bring me back the desire to write, because here it is more like coding than writing.

A new beginning

Preparing for the new year (2014) a new location for my website: GitHub pages and a new core: Jekyll.

This renewal includes Twitter’s Bootstrap and FontAwesome as it should be. If you do not understand or know what I’m talking about, look at their respective websites.

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